ALI 2020

Day 1 (29/10/2020)

  • It is about a process that doesn't provide the people to see it.
  • He suggested his book: Cynefin — weaving sense-making into the fabric of our world.
  • "People looks for something to copy". We need to understand the process of the company to understand the business.
  • "If you don't change the people language, you don't change the way that they think".
  1. Salaries should always be expected. The bonus shouldn't;
  2. Earning should be based on collaboration, not a competition;
  3. Peer feedback is the main performance measurement;
  4. Creative thinking can grow the compensation system;
  5. Compensation can be used to nurture intrinsic motivation.
  • Impact of Covid for the organization and customers;
  • How we can increase the company innovation;
  • Look at "fit for purpose", a tool created by David Anderson.
  • We need to humanize the innovation;
  • Without learning there is no innovation;
  • There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Something will be wrong and that's right.
  • How many spike of innovation have in our sprint or backlog?
  • Time in Progress — Units of time per unit of work
  • Throughput — Units of work per unit of time

Day 2 (30/10/2020)

  1. Scrum is simple, yet sufficient. Value != Volum. Isn't about rule, it is about people.
  2. Scrum's DNA. Self-organization — Less process more people.
  3. Players demonstrate accountability. PO|SM|Team|Stakeholders|Customers
  4. Transparency for a flow of value. Humanize the workflow results is more value.
  5. Closing the loops. Input (Product Backlog) -> Output (Valuable Increment)
  6. The Scrum Values. Commitment | Focus | Openness | Respect | Courage | Collaboration.
  • Make asynchronous communication your default method of exchanging information;
  • Keep the number of tools to a minimum;
  • Simplify process;
  • Create explicit agreements;
  • Do not replicate the office.
  • Simple Item (Task)
  • Multiple Item (Velocity | Throughput)
  1. Frameworks — You cannot learn
  2. Impersonal — Human being to change and make this happen
  3. Mental Models — are deeply held internal images of how the world works, the image that limits us to familiar ways of thinking and acting.
  1. User
  2. Interface
  3. Action
  4. Data
  5. Control
  6. Env.
  7. Quality Attributes




I am a Scrum Master aspiring Agile Coach.

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Camille Nogueira de Macedo

Camille Nogueira de Macedo

I am a Scrum Master aspiring Agile Coach.

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